MSR WindBurner 1.0L Personal Stove System


  • IsoPro fuel system
  • Windproof enclosed radiant burner
  • Twist-lock stove connection
  • Pressure regulator
  • Folding canister stand
  • Stand, pot, insulated cozy, bowl, and bpa-free lid included
  • Compact design
  • Fuel sold separately


Windburner 1.0L – 09219 red

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Because wind and mountains go hand in hand.

Wind is a guarantee when you’re in the mountains, and if you’ve ever tried to boil above treeline, then you know the pain of cooking in the wind. By taking MSR’s fuel efficient Reactor stove system and enclosing it in a windproof sleeve, the WindBurner Stove System will boil water in under three minutes in winds up to 12 miles per hour. Not only will it make your life easier in the backcountry, but it will save you fuel on those longer trips where every ounce of weight must be carefully considered.

In addition to the windproof construction, the WindBurner is extremely convenient to use thanks to a compact design. The system includes a solid stand that attaches to the fuel canister (fuel sold separate), and the stove and pot integrate through a twist-lock system, so you can walk away while your water boils without coming back to a spilled pot of water. The pot is fitted with an insulated cozy, which helps to prevent burns and has a sturdy carrying handle for when it’s time to pour a piping hot cup of coffee. A BPA-free plastic lid attaches to the top and is fitted with both a strainer and a drinking spout. When it’s time to pack it all in and hit the trail, the entire system (including the fuel canister) packs into the pot, so everything will remain compact and secure in your backpack.


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