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NuCanoe – The Flint

The Flint, from NuCanoe, will be available starting in January 2018. This boat is made for the kayak angler.   This boat measures in at 11’3″ and weighs around 67 lbs. Where this boat shines, is with all of the features included right off the bat, while still having a platform for complete customization for the more advanced angler or the gear head angler.

NuCanoe has really found their stride with this boat. It’s evident that they have done their homework and have designed a great boat for the kayak angler, while at the same time keeping the boat affordable and approachable for the beginner ($999 MSPR).

NuCanoe boats are known for their stability and this boat is no exception. The deck provides an open feel with multiple points to store, attach, and access your gear while out on the water. A few of the more prominent features on the boat are:

  • 2 Rod Tip Holders – for horizontal rod storage
  • A Hawg Trough Holder – To measure up your fish, leaving no doubt of your fish tales
  • Side Handles with Built-in Paddle Holders
  • Freedom Tracks – To attach numerous accessories from NuCanoe or other popular kayak accessory manufacturers
  • Adjustable Pinnacle Seat
  • 4 Flush Mount Rod Holders – for vertical rod storage
  • A Rear Storage Hatch
  • A Square Transom – Perfect for small trolling motors and other accessories

Many of the add-on accessories that work with other NuCanoe boats, such as the Frontier or Pursuit, will also work with this boat.

For more information please visit NuCanoe or contact us here at Red Fox Outfitters!