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Make an Impact!


You can’t turn on the radio, visit facebook, or watch TV without being inundated by the increasingly salacious, sensationalized, and hyper-reactive story lines concerning our national politics. We focus so much energy on such a small sliver of the political machine in terms of people involved and often on issues with little to no impact on our daily lives. Meanwhile, I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard a familiar refrain, from myself, my family, friends and customers about our little community here in southern Genesee County. It’s something along the lines of, “‘They’ should do this…” or “‘They’ really need to do something about that…”

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to have discussions with some of the “they” that can actually make things happen, and “they” actively solicit for input on what “they” should do from the community. At the first of two public input sessions regarding Fenton’s Park and Recreation plan, which is only updated once every FIVE YEARS, we had the opportunity as citizens to input suggestions, have discussions with our local representatives, and create a shared vision for what Fenton could achieve for the community’s benefit over the next 5 years. In this current political climate, isn’t that what everyone is looking for? The chance to talk civilly about shared goals, and developing items to our community’s mutual benefit? While we attendees enjoyed the opportunity, and some great ideas emerged from the session, the sample of attendees was still rather small compared to the potential impact they could have on an entire city’s future plan for parks and recreation.

While I won’t be able to make the second session due to a fundraiser we’re having at the store for another community initiative, the LAFF Pathway (yay trails), I’d love to hear about a ton of positive-minded citizens showing up to have their voice heard for the second session, . As a local business owner of some wisdom just recently put it – “The world is run by those that show up!”