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Fishing Report: October 14th, 2016

Red Fox Outfitters and Friends headed to our favorite tributary of the Grand. It was a gorgeous day to be on the river.  Temps mid 60, mostly sunny, and the river all to ourselves.

We did not know what to expect, so we brought everything we owned. It was a good call because the trout chased hoppers, and the salmon chased eggs.


Of course you know how it works, you always hook the biggest fish on the smallest rod. In this case it was a salmon on a 4 wt. We tiered out the fish more by chasing it, than leaning on the pole.


A full moon followed us to the truck, it was an awesome day.


Life is grand, get out there.
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Fishing Report: October 1st, 2016

f1The White River

Red Fox and friends headed to the White River near Hesperia to enjoy the fall salmon run.  The weather was brutal for camping, but the fishing and friendship were great.
The salmon run is good this year, far better than last year.  The fish are large and strong. We had several hookups that left us wondering how we would ever be successful in landing one for a photo.  I believe we will have several great weeks left this fall to land a monster.


Nymphs, egg, and stones all worked well.  As usual,  you had to search for a fish in the right frame of mind to eat what you offered.

Other Waters

Fall is a great time to be out on the river.  The fish are on the feed preparing for fall. The colors are fantastic and the air is crisp.  The Au Sable reports, from Josh at Gates Au Sable Lodge, indicate streamers are the best approach,  but terrestrials and a blue winged olive hatch are a strong second option.
Stop in to RFO to get current river status, prepare for a fall outing, and share a story.
–Dennis Kennedy
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Fishing Report: Au Sable River on August 8th

Red Fox headed north looking for colder water . Destination was the Au Sable. A float from Stephan Bridge to Wakeley Bridge was the plan, joined by friends Jim and John .

Every trip to the Holy Water requires a stop at Gates for advice, bugs, and grab a couple of sandwiches to be enjoyed on the river. The advice was good, the bug worked as promised, and the sandwiches where hands down the best decision of the day (don’t forget the brownies…).

It was around 1:00pm by time we hit the river. The plan was to float till dark. Air temps would hit 80, with river temps peaking mid 60’s. We had rises all day long. Not consistent, but it provided location of fish. Hoppers turned out to be the ticket. Dead drifted down the middle of the stream. We brought to hand Browns, and Bows. John was extra lucky to hold his first ever Brook. Just before dark we had a decent spinner fall of BWO’s, and I believe a few small caddis mixed in.

Speaking to the other anglers on the stream, the early morning Trico’s are the hatch of the day. It was said that the hatch was so thick, it was hard to compete with all the naturals.

The Holy Water is a must do location. Make the trip. It never disappoints

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Fishing Report: June 17th, 2016

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Friday 6-17 Red Fox ventured up to Mio, to fish the Au Sable on a bright, 85 degree day.  First stop was with Bruce at the Au Sable Anglers Fly Shop.  Bruce provided us with wisdom, bugs, and spotting of the car/trailer at Commins Creek take out.
Fishing buddies today were Sam and Conner,  both very eager to bring their very first trout to the net.  Pressure was high to make this a successful adventure.
Fishing was very slow (non existent) for the first few hours. Pressure to succeed was building…  As soon as the sun was off of the water, Conner got us going with a nice 13″ brown.  From that point till dark, it was all smiles and laughter with both Sam and Conner boating many more.
It is a great time to be on the water.  We had a collection of different hatches, starting with Blue Wings, then Isos and Yellow Stones.  It got to the point were all you needed was the right size fly and drag free drift.   June is Awesome to be on Fly Fisher.
Sam and Conner are hooked.  We are already planning the next adventure.
Thanks to Bruce at Au Sable Angler,  for setting us off in the right direction.

— Dennis Kennedy
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June 9th, 2016 Fishing Report

Shiawassee River
Huron River
Pere Marquette River
AuSable River

Shiawassee River


Updated 6/2

  • Fishing Conditions:   Fair
  • Water flow: 281 cfs
  • Visibility: 36 inches
  • Water temperature at mid-day: 67 Degrees F
  • Water condition: Clear
  • Best time of day to fish: afternoon
  • Best stretch:
  • Best access point: Owosso.
  • Fish species: Bass. Carp.
  • Fishing season: Open

Huron RiverHuron

Updated 5/26

Fishing Conditions:   Good

  • Water flow: 429 cfs
  • Visibility: 36 inches
  • Water temperature at mid-day: 72 Degrees F
  • Water condition: Clear
  • Best time of day to fish: Low light – morning & evening
  • Best stretch: Telegraph Rd to Ford St
  • Best access point: Flat Rock Dam to I-75
  • Fish species: Steelhead, carp, smallmouth bass

Pere Marquette

Updated 6/1

Fishing Conditions:   Excellent

  • Water flow: Raised volume and a healthy stain currently makes for optimum conditions.
  • Visibility: 56 inches
  • Water temperature at mid-day: 54 Degrees F
  • Water condition: Clear
  • Best time of day to fish: late morning or mid afternoon
  • Best stretch: M37 – Bowman Bridge
  • Best access point: Green Cottage
  • Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:
  • Hendricksons sulphers Gray Drakes BWO Caddis Stoneflies Midge


Updated 6/2

  • Fishing Conditions:   Excellent
  • Water flow: moderate
  • Visibility: 48 inches
  • Water temperature at mid-day: 55 Degrees F
  • Water condition: Clear
  • Best time of day to fish: afternoon
  • Best stretch: Everywhere. Water levels up, but so too are the fish
  • Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:
  • Sulphurs Mahogany (duns and spinners) Borchers Drakes caddis stones Brown Drakes will be arriving soon
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Huron River Report – May 25, 2016

the-painted-trout-logoRed Fox fished the Huron River near Dexter last Wednesday. We started at The Painted Trout, to seek advice from Dirk Fischbach, owner of The Painted Trout. He pointed us to good water and gave us a handful of bugs to try.

The river flow was slightly higher than normal, but very wadable. The water was almost warm enough to comfortably wet wade, and the sunny 80 degree day made it very inviting. The river fished well. Smallmouths were hitting small black Woolly Buggers and Cone Head Muddler Minnows, retrieved with short strips. Most action was in mid stream, and near cover. Later in the evening there was a fair hatch of Light Cahills, that had a few fish looking up. Good times had by all.

Thanks, Dirk!

–Dennis Kennedy