2018 Red Fox Outfitters River Bassin Tournament Event Details and Rules

Anglers are responsible for following all rules below.

  1. THE COMMON SENSE RULE:This whole event is about getting anglers who love to fish moving water out there to compete and have fun! Therefore, if anything in these rules needs to be changed to ensure the safety of participants, or the betterment of all anglers then we’re going to change them at any given point in the trail, so long as it keeps the playing field fair and balanced
  2. WHO CAN ENTER THIS THING?:Its simple, this kayak fishing tournament event is for any man, woman or child who enjoys fishing on moving water for black bass.
  3. THE DIVISIONS: This competition is set up for individual competitors and a team category.  This is a River Bassin Qualifier.  The specifics on how a Qualifier works with the River Bassin Trail can be found at their website.
  4. REGISTRATION AND FEES:We aim to provide a low cost sport with a low cost tournament trail so that all can afford to enter.

Individual Angler (includes entry to the individual division only)

  • $50 for In-Person Regional Events

Team  (includes entry to the individual and team division)

  • $120 for a Two Angler Team

Big Fish Pot

  • $10 for an individual entry for big fish
  • $20 for two members of a team to enter the big fish pot ($10 per person)

River Bassin Qualifiers

  • No additional entry fee is required in order to earn Series Points for the River Bassin Tournament Trail

Late Registration: Registration will be open till Friday Aug 10th 11:59pm.  Registration is on-line at the River Bassin Site.   

PLEASE NOTE: Payments for the River Bassin Tournament Trail portion of the event can be made by credit card or via PayPal on the KayakFishingSeries.com event page at any time once registration is open. Without full payment, registration forms, and signed waiver, an angler will not be eligible to participate. Please see each individual tournament page for more details on each tour stop.

  1. ELIGIBLE WATERCRAFT:This is a trail that is predominately propelled by man power and his use of the river’s natural propulsion, the current, to get the job done. The only exception is the senior citizen exception which permits any senior citizen 62 and older to use an electric motor so long as it does not exceed 50lbs of thrust. Anglers can share a two-man watercraft so long as both are entered into the tournament. An angler can bring a friend, spouse or child along in a two-man watercraft so long as that friend, spouse or child does not assist the competing angler in any way, most notably paddling, landing fish, untangling lines, lures or anything that can be seen as an advantage. The only two eligible watercrafts are kayaks and canoes. You are still free to wade fish but your watercraft must still be in photo, per Bass Measuring Rules). Please be courteous and supportive of Catch and Release by keeping your watercraft close by to ensure all fish are released unharmed.
  2. ELIGIBLE WATER:Each tournament stop is held at a “host location” and the eligible water with in a 50 mile radius.  The Host Location is Red Fox Outfitters, 234 N. Leroy, Fenton Michigan 48430. All lakes and ponds are off limits, including natural lakes and beaver ponds. If you have any doubts about whether an area you are fishing is lake or river then feel free to email or call the tournament contact for that stop to get their opinion so you’ll have a clear conscience about it.  This information will be kept confidential.  

Tournament Director: Nick Brown 810-287-2086

Tournament Assistant Director:  Dennis Kennedy  248-255-7043

Eligible moving water will be defined by a event-specific map. On your mobile device, location must be tagged on your photos in order for catch photos to be accepted by the live leaderboard system.

iPhone Users CLICK HERE

Android Users CLICK HERE

If you do not have a device with location services please inform the tournament director before hitting the water as you’ll need to plan on downloading your catch photos with our staff after your day of fishing.

The River Bassin staff reserves the right to disqualify participants who were fishing waters which were not in bounds during the event.

  1. PRE-TOURNAMENT CAPTAIN’S:This meeting is not mandatory, but can be very fun and beneficial to attend, especially for first time participants. Anglers can get their tournament “identifier” at this pre-tournament meeting, ask questions and try and glean any tips or tactics.

If you show up late and miss a chance to get your tournament identifier, don’t worry!  They will be at the host location in a folder titled “River Bassin” overnight and will be there the morning of the event. The tournament identifiers will also be available to print off from online, they will appear on the event page on Friday evening August 4th. Anglers are also responsible for reading and complying with the event rules and returning to the host location before their name is called on event day. More on that in Section 15: THE RIVER BASSIN RESULTS

  1. SCORING:Scoring is done by the “catch-measure-photo-release” method. Participants must use a digital camera or smart phone (preferred) to take a photo of the bass on the standard measuring device that is on the “approved list.”
  • Anglers may score up to 3 black bass. Fish are scored via length (inches) and the longest combined length will win.
    •Anglers may begin fishing at the time noted at each event page or as specified by each tournament director at our River Bassin Qualifiers.
    •Photos clearly taken in the dark before “safe light” will not be accepted.
    •The bass’ nose or lip must be touching the front of the measuring device and a deduction should be expected if it is not.
    •The tail can be pinched or natural and the mouth can be open or closed; we encourage you to get the most out of your fish!
    •The bass must be facing to the left when measuring it to prevent a competitor from trying to score it twice.
    •Your catch may be tethered to the kayak using a fish grip tool as you prepare for taking your photo but must be removed from the mouth in your photo submission or a penalty will apply.
    •The bass must be on an “approved” measuring device with the front of the device and the device beyond the tail in the photo. The only approved device as of 1/28/2017 is the Hawg Trough Measuring Board.
  • The tournament identifier for that tournament must be present in the photo (in-person events only)
  • In the event a photo submission does not meet the stated rules, length will be determined by judge.
    •There is an 8-inch minimum length on fish.
    •All fish must be released back into the water system where they were caught before an angler can fish for his/her next catch.
    •If you’re not using mobile device, upon return to the host location, anglers will work with the River Bassin staff to download and submit their catch photos.  Return to the location of award ceremony must be by 3:00pm for anyone that needs assistance on downloading photos.
    •The same fish cannot be scored more than once even if caught on separate casts.  
  • Submitted fish measuring the same length must have distinct differences in appearance or the angler may be subject to disqualification. One way to ensure these distinct differences can be seen is to remove any objects (identifiers, hands, etc) that will cover the unique pattern of your fish.
    •The tournament committee will review all photos to verify validity of the catch and the length to determine place winners
    •Length is rounded down to the nearest quarter of an inch.
    Fish must be submitted to the system by 3:30. Anglers must be present when their name is called during the results ceremony or they will be disqualified.
    •Ties are broken by whichever fish were submitted to the site first. Yes, this does give those with a smartphone an advantage if they submit from the water. We’re encouraging that so that we have live results/scoring coming in throughout the day which helps the fans follow along and ensures timely judging.
    •Polygraph: Each contestant may be required to submit to a polygraph examination at a time and location determined by the tournament director following the end of the competition in each tournament and abides by its conclusion. Failure to pass the polygraph will result in disqualification.
    •To be eligible for series points and prizes specific to the placing anglers, you must catch at least one fish. Those who submitted zero fish during the event may be eligible for other prizes.
  1. ELIGIBLE FISH:Anglers can score up to 3 BLACK BASS SPECIES on their “virtual stringer.” The eligible species are as follows:
    •Largemouth bass
    •Smallmouth bass
    •Spotted bass (Alabama or Kentucky)
    •Shoal bass
    •Redeye bass
    •Suwannee bass
    •Guadalupe bass
    •Or a hybrid of any of the previously mentioned species.
  2. ELIGIBLE FISHING METHODS:All fish must be caught alive on a conventional rod and reel in a sporting manner. Only artificial lures may be used during competition. Commercially sold pork trailers or scents may be added and used. An intentional foul hooked fish may not be scored. If a fish misses your lure and gets hooked in the side then so be it, but if you are sight fishing and foul hook it then that fish cannot be scored. A foul hooked fish is defined as a fish that does not have at least one hook in its mouth, and it must be released. Anglers may not catch fish or measure and submit fish that have been caged or confined in an area prior to the tournament, including fish deliberately displaced into a small pool prior to the event All fish must be caught during the hours of competition. Trolling is allowed. Fly fishing is allowed. No cast nets allowed, but anglers may use a landing net. More than one rod can be in use at a time only if the angler is trolling.
  3. ACCESSING THE ELIGIBLE WATERS:All anglers must access the rivers they fish legally and not until 6:30am the day of the tournament. Anglers can begin fishing upon launching. River camping that requires you to get on the water during the dark is not permitted. You can certainly camp along the river if you can drive to your riverside campsite. The state laws where the angler is fishing are what the angler will be required to comply with.
  4. SAFETY:Safe boating will be observed at all times. During competition, each contestant is required to comply with all state boating and fishing laws. Tournament days may be canceled due to unsafe weather or water conditions. The decision to cancel will be made by Friday morningthe day before the tournament (if not sooner). All participants will be notified immediately via email, Facebook and on the live scoring page. We will try to avoid cancellations whenever possible and that is part of the reason we are designating specific lakes for some of our events.
  5. THE RIVER BASSIN RESULTS:Following the event, winners will be announced and awarded prizes for their efforts that day.

Award Ceremony will start at 4:15pm, August 11th.

  • Prizes will be awarded for the following finishes at each tournament:


  •  and a place for every 10th angler registered.  Example:  62 anglers register, prizes will be awarded 1st through 6th.


  • Team – 1st Place Trophy
  • Team – 2nd Place Trophy
  • Team – 3rd Place Trophy


  • Big Fish – Big Fish Cash Pot


*Contingency Prizes: Sponsors may at their discretion award contingency prizes for anglers winning or placing using their products. * Prizes are subject to change (grow), see individual event pages for specific and up to date prize packages.

Anglers not present at the time their name is called will be considered late and therefore disqualified.

  1. SPORTSMANSHIP:We realize there are cash prizes involved but it is important that all anglers adhere to a high standard of sportsmanship that portrays our sport in a positive light.
  • The possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited. Any possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, participation in criminal activity, or other conduct reflecting unfavorably upon the tournament and its sponsors will be subject to disqualification
  • All anglers will sign a statement of honor that they will abide by all the rules. If found guilty intentional, predetermined cheating they are subject to be disqualified from the entire trail, surrendering any monies gained up to that point during the season.
  • Any angler may be subject to a polygraph test at any time to verify their catch and any other rules. If an angler is requested to take the test and chooses not to, it will result in their disqualification, surrendering any monies gained up to that point during the season.
  • Proper river etiquette should be adhered to while competing. This includes anglers not cutting in front of another angler, giving plenty of space when passing another angler so as to not disturb their fishing location. Essentially, treat other anglers as you expect to be treated on the water and if you are unsure if you are too close to another angler or potentially cutting them off, just ask!
  1. PROTEST:All protests must be submitted in writing (Nick@redfoxoutfitters.com) along with a $100 deposit, within fifteen (15) minutes of the last angler check-in. The protester also agrees that if there is a question of verifying the charge of a protest that he or she also may be subject to take a polygraph and agree to testify in a court of law if necessary. If the tournament committee, or polygraph, upholds the protest, the cash deposit shall be returned to the contestant submitting the protest. Even if there is not an official protest the rules committee will follow up on any accusations and there will be a serious price to pay if an angler has been found to purposely cheat. As mentioned above, fraud charges may be filed against the angler.
  2. SPECIAL RULES FOR YOUNG RIVER BASSERS:Children under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian’s signed consent to enter the river bassin’ tournaments. An adult must accompany any child under the age of 16 on the river. The adult may be entered in the tournament as well.
  3. PHOTO/VIDEO RIGHTS:All photos, video, data, audio and angler profile information shall be used by the River Bassin Tournament Trail indefinitely and may be used by any of its tournament partners in future projects, promotions, articles or media releases. There will be no compensation for such use of these photos, video, voice or data. Anglers will be allowed to keep their photos/videos and use how they please as well.

19.FINAL DECISIONS: Any decisions that need to be made in relation to the event will be done so by the tournament committee and their decisions are final.

20.RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE: all participants must sign a waiver, release of liability, and covenant not to sue before competing in any tournament. It is required that all participants take responsibility for themselves while participating in event activities.

21.HAVE FUN: Remember, winning is not something you can completely control, because there is no way to play defense in this sport. All you can control is your fishing and your attitude so relax, have fun, and enjoy your time on the water. No amount of money is worth more than your name.